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Etilaam (Etizolam)

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Generic Name: Etizolam
Brand Names: Etilaam
Dosage: 1mg
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Drug uses

Etilaam (Etizolam) is an analog of benzodiazepines called thienotriazolodiazepine. These pills are used to treat panic attacks, generalized anxiety, insomnia, depression and convulsions. The preparation works as a skeletal muscles relaxant and has a vivid anxiolytic and antidepressant action.

Side effects

Etilaam affects most of body`s systems and organs. Among the most frequent side effects are:

  • Hypotension, decreased heart rate;
  • Amnesia, decreased appetite, respiratory depression;
  • Muscle weakness, drowsiness, sedation;
  • Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth;
  • Decreased libido.

The impact of the preparation on unborn and breastfeeding children is unknown. Women, who are pregnant or lactating, should consult a doctor before starting the therapy. Etilaam is contraindicated in young children and should be used with caution if you are greater than 65.


The intake of Etilaam (Etizolam) is contraindicated in people, who:

  • Are allergic to benzodiazepines;
  • Have breathing and lungs problems;
  • Have low blood pressure;
  • Liver or kidney diseases;
  • Heart problems;
  • Narrow-angle glaucoma.

Consult your healthcare provider to make sure you can be treated with Etilaam. Though Etilaam is less potent in terms of forming dependence than classical benzos, its abrupt discontinuation may lead to benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome. Hence, gradual reduce of daily dosage is recommended. Alcohol consumption is contraindicated while on Etilaam, because of the possibility of intensification of side effects, which may cause death.

How to take

Maximum daily dosage of Etilaam is 3mg divided into two intakes. The recommended dosage for the therapy of anxiety is 0.25 – 0.5 mg twice a day; for panic attacks – 0.5mg twice a day; insomnia 1 – 2mg before bedtime. The period of treatment shouldn`t exceed 12 weeks. If you want to buy Etizolam online, consult your doctor to get your own dosing regimen first.

Drug interactions

In case of simultaneous intake of Etilaam and Fluvoxamine, the dosage of the first should be reduced because fluvoxamine increases the concentration of Etizolam in plasma. And vice versa, the intake of Carbamazepine requires an increase in Etilaam dose. To life-threatening interactions belong combinations with depressants (e.g. barbiturates), dissociatives and stimulants.

Missed dose

The missed dose should be taken as soon as you remember about it. Skip the pill, if the time of your next dose has come. Don`t take double dose to compensate the missed one.


The signs of Etilaam overdose are:

  • Slurred speech;
  • Delusions;
  • Confusion;
  • Respiratory depression;
  • Severe thought deceleration;
  • Coma;
  • Death.

The overdose treatment should be held in hospital. If you feel any of these symptoms, seek for medical help: 911 in the USA, 112 in the UK.


Keep Etilaam at room temperature in a dry place far from the light. Make sure it`s out of reach of children and pets.

What does Generic mean?

Generic is an analogue of the brand drug with the same properties and efficacy. You can buy Etilaam generic Etizolam at a lower price. It is possible because there`s no need to buy a patent for generic drugs. Hence, any customer can afford a generic unlike brand drug.

How to buy Etilaam online?

In our online pharmacy, you can buy Etilaam without prescription. To do this, you need to follow several steps:

  • Pick the needed drug and its dosage;
  • Add it to cart;
  • Make an order;
  • The customer support service specialists will contact you within 30 minutes via phone and e-mail to confirm your purchase;
  • Wait for your payment to be processed;
  • The medication will be delivered within 10 business days.
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